Medical Technology, Medical Devices, Electro-medical Equipment

Medical technology, medical devices and medical equipment, innovative electro-medical, cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic devices, instruments and tools for innovation to allow Physicians performing diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures in an increasingly less invasive, more accurate and safe, providing patients less pain and complications, better outcomes and also requires less time for recovery, hospitalization and convalescence. It is supported by both hardware and software technologies of the latest generation and can be used for various clinical applications.
The expectations created by new technologies as well as by the new applications through already existing technologies in medicine, are very important, also for the list of possible benefits that can be drawn. It is essential to define the safety of these innovations and adequately evaluating the risk factors associated.
AGADA' Medical Technologies distributor & partner, trade and commercializes medical devices with multiple benefit but especially aimed at:
# Simplify surgical procedure
# Time reduction and optimize workflow
# Less Patient invasively
# Best clinical results
# Optimize reports cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit

HIFU ADF- IMS New Generation multidisciplinare
HIFU | High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
Ultrasound Therapy, medical procedure non-invasive treatment of tumors. Use of specific High Intensity Focused
Ultrasound for ablation and tissue destruction pathogens quickly, accurately and efficiently.
No needs anesthesia, outpatient treatment.

UROT workstation diagnostico chirurgico
Surgical table Integrated with the Radiologic System | UROT
The “borderline” between the areas dedicated to diagnostic imaging and one reserved for the operating theater, surgical, with the development of new technologies tends to become increasingly blurred and overlapping. On this concept derives the new technology UROT. Advanced tool for hybrid operating rooms and hybrid surgery.

ESWT | Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy ESWT | The extracorporeal shock wave therapy - non-invasive therapy to stimulate the activation of the natural biological processes of repair.
Focused ESWT - high-energy acustic waves has become a valid primary of treatment options for a growing number of indications and pathologies

LISWT | Low Intensity Shock Waves Therapy LISWT | LSWT
Extracorporeal Shock Wave
medical device for a non-invasive treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Secondhand Pre-owned medical devices Pre-owned medical devices
Used and refurbished medical equipment reviewed, updated and assistance.
Medical technologies systems diagnostic and therapeutic reconditioned.